For trade shows, Bella has expertise in all phases of trade show management including design and fabrication of trade show booths, and the management of show services for clients before and during the trade show.

In retail, Bella has worked with some of the world’s largest developers to design, manufacture, and install RMU’s and kiosks around the world. Additionally, we have provided some of the most cutting edge store designs in the industry.

Our corporate headquarters are in Arlington, Texas, where we utilize a state of the art facility. Our front and back office operations, fabrication, and on-site exhibit storage are all located at the same plant.

we are confident that bella exhibits + retail provides the premier combination of service, design, quality, and price in the industry.

Our Services


We work closely with our client to understand the needs of their retail project or trade show experience.


We consider all aspects of the project including normal use, ergonomics, and safety during the design process.


Using the latest CAD software, our engineers develop the detail drawing necessary to fabricate with precision.


Through the use of both CNC machines and custom craftsmanship, our carpenters manufacture with precision and efficiency.


We can be counted on to get the project to its destination on time, while minimizing waste and the risk of damage.


Our team of expert installers provide our clients with ease of mind to ensure that the installation will be executed as planned.


Bella is a premier provider of custom and rental trade show exhibits. We provide complete turnkey services including design, manufacturing, setup and dismantle, and storage. Also, we offer innovative retail design solutions for complete store design to custom display fixtures.

Contact us and tell us about your design needs so we can develop a custom solution for your business.