Retail Services

Planning & Design

We work closely with our clients to understand the needs of their retail project. After understanding the working budget and functional needs, we strive to provide a solution that complements and enhances the retail environment. We consider all aspects of the retail project including normal use, ergonomics, safety, shipping, and installation, up front during the design process to ensure an end product that is conscious of the total picture.

Engineering & Fabrication

Using the latest CAD software, our engineers develop the detailed drawings necessary to fabricate with precision and maintain the design integrity originally conceived. Through the use of both CNC machines and custom craftsmanship, our professional carpenters manufacturing with precision and economic efficiency.

Logistics & Show Services

Bella Group arranges for the shipping and installation of the retail project at its final destination. Whether a project needs to be protected with packing on pallets, or pad wrapped and secured with bars and straps (to minimize waste upon receiving) on an air-ride trailer suspension, Bella Group can be counted on to get the project to its destination on time, while minimizing waste and the risk of damage.

Our team of expert installers provides our clients with ease of mind to ensure that the installation will be executed as planned. For smaller projects, the client can sometimes install retail fixtures with simple assembly instructions in order to reduce the overall cost of the project.

We work closely with our clients to understand the needs of their retail project.