About Bella Group

Bella is a custom design and manufacturing firm focused on servicing the trade show and retail industries. The company was established in 2006 and has worked hard to build a reputation built on superior service, quality, and value to our clients.

For trade shows, Bella has expertise in all phases of trade show management including design and fabrication of trade show booths, and the management of show services for clients before and during the trade show.

In retail, Bella has worked with some of the world’s largest developers to design, manufacture, and install RMU’s and kiosks around the world. Additionally, we have provided some of the most cutting edge store designs in the industry.

We are confident that Bella provides the premier combination of service, design, quality,
and price in the industry.

Bella Operations

Our corporate headquarters are in Arlington, Texas, where we utilize a state of the art facility. Our front and back office operations, fabrication, and on-site exhibit storage are all located at the same plant.

Additionally, we have international capabilities with manufacturing partnerships in Hamburg, Germany and Sao Paulo, Brazil. These partnerships allow us to efficiently serve the European and South American markets by decreasing both lead time and freight costs.